Illamasqua is one of my go-to brands, I find that they focus on releasing quality products where they have really spent time on a concept and formula; rather than masses of ‘on trend’ products being released to then be discontinued. They are also a fully cruelty-free brand and have over 100 vegan products – Beauty Not Brutality FAQs’-.

Up until I received part of my first college makeup kit from Illamasqua I hadn’t heard of them, however, I do feel that they have become more well known over the past few years as I now see people with their products across different blogs & YouTube channels. To see which products I have please see my – Illamasqua –  products page on my Makeup Collection tab along with many other brands!

Screen Shot 2017-08-03 at 16.05.16

As for the Sketch Sticks, I had been looking at them for a while to add them to my kit as they can be so useful whilst working – such a multi-purpose product! They are £15 each, I did pick up mine in the Up To 70% Off Sale, but now having tried them I would definitely pay £15!

The packaging is very sleek and easy to clean which is perfect for a kit, and with a global fashion unit coming up next semester I thought it was about time to pick these up, as I’m wanting to hopefully incorporate bright colours and fabrics into an African inspired fashion look using a black model.

Pigmentation wise, these sticks are amazing, they are very vibrant and have such a lovely creamy texture that just glides onto the skin! I’m yet to properly test the staying power of them as I’ve not properly used them in a look yet. I have used the orange one in the crease of my eye and blending it out with the Sugarpill shadow in Flamepoint for an orange smokey eye, which did last a long time! – so they seemingly do last well.

When I do create looks using the sketch sticks I will make sure to post about it! Also keep an eye out on my instagram – here – as they’ll be up on there first!

See you soon for another post!
B x




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