Basics have been my best friend since starting college and university, they are versatile and easy to mix and match; as well as being easy to layer so can carry you through the whole academic year. I’m heading into my fourth year so have decided to share what I personally find to be my staple wardrobe pieces!

You can also add in a few extra “on trend” pieces to add to your wardrobe throughout the year to keep updating your style!

(Images Found On The Pieces Sites, Pinterest or My Own)


#1 – Black Jeans 

Until last year I hated wearing jeans, but now I find a trusty pair of black jeans an essential part of my wardrobe. They match with so many styles of tops and also shoes, which means they can so easily be styled up or down! For me personally, blue jeans just aren’t as versatile so I tend to stay clear of them.


#2 – Leggings 

Personally, I don’t like to wear joggers as I find I don’t focus as much and relax more in classes so I like to wear leggings, which are still very casual and comfy but stop me from feeling like I can’t be bothered. Leggings are also so easy to style, you can throw a t-shirt and jacket on or a jumper and be set for the day!


#3 – Denim Jacket

I love my denim jacket as it’s so easy to throw on top of an outfit to layer with, especially as England never really gets that hot. Mine is very oversized, so I am wanting to get another smaller one but they are so practical to have!



 #4 – Solid Colour T-Shirts /Jumpers

Initially the standard basics of grey, white and black; then venture into a wider range introducing more of different colours to build up a selection. They are both so easy to throw on with jeans/ leggings and on days when you can’t be bothered thinking of an outfit – the perfect grab and go pieces!



#5 – Boots

Black boots I can’t get enough of when I want to make more effort than trainers, mine are platform/wedged so they are super comfy to wear and instantly make it look like you’ve made more effort – which is always a bonus! Knee highs also look good with t-shirt dresses in warmer months or jumper dresses in the winter months.

#6 – Trainers 

Trainers are my best friend, as I do a practical course on the days I’m stood up a lot trainers save my feet! Also, it is so easy to find nice pairs at the minute, my current favourites are from MissGuided, so simple but have a small amount of detail to make them less plain!


#7 – Big Bag

As I always need so many things with me, I love to have a decent sized bag to fit it all in! The one I currently have is from Zara and was £29.99, it is black so matches with everything and the inside has vertical stripes of colours which adds a nice vibrant touch – it is actually reversable so could add a bright pop of colour to an all black outfit!



# 8 – Leather Jacket 

Currently I don’t have a leather jacket as I’m on the hunt for one I love, however similarly to the denim jacket it’s a perfect piece for layering. You can also dress them up or down so they are a very versatile addition to your wardrobe!

See you soon with another post! B x


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