Pigmentation, shade range, packaging, and accessibility are the few things I look out for when it comes to choosing an eyeshadow palette. When it comes to more ‘typical’ palettes like the classic neutral shades I also find it needs to stand out from the rest to entice me to purchase, as I know I could get that sort of shade range from almost any brand. Another way I use to ‘test’ a brand is to see what their formula is like on the typically difficult to produce shades – such as whites, reds, and blacks, also looking to see if their pigmentation across multiple shadows and palettes have consistent quality by looking at swatches online, etc..

Having always seen Juvia’s Place on Instagram and loving the look of their packaging, and the swatches on their Instagram look so highly pigmented. However, I was always put off by shipping fees and potential customs – as soon as I saw they had been released on BeautyBay I ordered the Saharan Palette instantly! It has 12 shades and is currently £28 on BeautyBay, which for the quality I think is a great price, it arrived today and I couldn’t not get a post up about it!


‘Inspired by the vibrant Fulani culture, The Saharan Palette combines a mix of 12 matte and shimmer shadows. Packed with intense colour pigments, a little goes a long way with these high-impact and long-lasting powders.

Sokoto – Matte bright red toned orange.
Wodaabe – Shimmering green gold.
Bororo – Shimmering deep red.
Kia – Shimmering green.
Zoya – Shimmering bronze peach.
Iman – Shimmering white.
Jamila – Dark matte orange.
Senegal – Shimmering gold.
Chad – Mate black.
Katsina – Matte tan
Lulu – Shimmering peach.
Fula – Deep shimmering rose.


Screen Shot 2017-07-27 at 14.31.44


This is my ideal shade range, especially for a travel palette as I love orange/red creases with a shimmer inner corner. This palette also gives the option to smoke it out with the black and highlight with the slightly silver toned icy white shade!



The pigmentation of the shadows are amazing and they don’t have a dry formula at all, without being too creamy which can overload your brush. These swatches are the shadows used dry, swiping across the arm once with no base. I’m obsessed with the shimmery shades, they are so smooth to apply and give such an intense shimmer!




I’m looking forward to trying more palettes from Juvia’s Place as they have some amazing shades! See you soon!


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