With the increase in people changing their lifestyle, switching to veganism; I decided it was definitely time to start actively and consciously introducing vegan and cruelty-free products into my makeup kit. I’m not a vegan myself, however, my kit is obviously for working on others and I would love to have the ability to do fully vegan & cruelty-free looks to cater to everybody. Slowly building is a vegan ‘area’ of my kit is my starting point, which I have found much easier to do than I initially anticipated.


I’ve placed a small Bleach London order to test out the brand, which I will later expand if I like their formulas, Illamsqua we’re also very helpful and sent me a list of their vegan products which is so useful as I have a lot of their products in my kit already so I can now easily see which are suitable.

I’m also discovering already established makeup artists with vegan kits, such as Nat Van Zee to see what products they have in their kits to take note of the brands and products.


Please do comment with any good vegan makeup brands I should test out!




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