Today I thought I would share my university experience, I finished my first-year last month. I don’t have the typical university experience of the uni lifestyle, moving out, etc… as my degree is with the Open University so is run through the college I attended for my A Levels then my Extended Diploma in Media Makeup. Therefore, not a lot changed for me as I went into it with the same environment, same tutors and I still live at home. I did, however, skip a year so all that changed for me was the students I was in classes with as they were originally the year above me.

My degree is a Foundation Degree in Fashion & Editorial Makeup, which I will then go on to do a BA Hons top up for a year, in Makeup Artistry. Overall, it has been a mostly positive experience, however with it being mostly sketchbook & practical based with the exception of a few presentations and reports it is quite a lot of work to do (which I definitely did expect, but it is still A LOT of work)- mostly researching and referencing, to be honest. In total, I did six units over the course of the year, we have three different classes with a unit each, each semester. For all work, we had to use Harvard Referencing. My six units in the first year were:


Beauty On Camera 

4 final makeup looks (practicals) presented in a sketchbook showing research & design process with face charts, etc… This unit was mostly focused on product selection, ensuring we know which products would suit which jobs and the clients involved.

Look One – Bridal – A fairly self-explanatory look, I decided on a classic British bridal look; focusing on achieving a natural, dewy and fresh look that was low maintenance upkeep throughout a long period.

Screen Shot 2016-12-29 at 14.41.16

Look Two – Character – For this look, I had to choose a character and develop an editorial design from their original look and traits. I chose to base my look on Belle from Beauty & The Beast as this unit was coming up to the release of the modernised film so I researched comparing the two films then went from there. Eventually, I decided to add a simplistic twist of incorporating the stem of a rose wrapped around the brow as well as the trend at that time of adding pops of colour to a look, which I did with the liner.

Look Three – Beginnings – I struggled to find my concept for this piece the most as we were just given the word, however, it ended up being one of my favourite pieces of my first year. Taking inspiration from the predicted festival looks of the then upcoming season and incorporating that with the colour palette found in sunrises – which signify the beginning of a new day.

Screen Shot 2017-04-01 at 21.47.03

Look Four – Red Carpet – This look was heavily focusing on product choice, due to the harsh lighting used by paparazzi at red carpet events, I sadly never received my studio images for this piece, I have a few mid application. I chose to do a black smokey eye with a bright blue inner corner, which really popped.

 The Art of Makeup

1 final makeup look (practical) presented in a sketchbook showing research into art movements & design process for 4 looks with face charts, etc… and a 10-minute presentation on art movements and explaining design process.

Professional Focus Studies

3,000-word report on industry sectors and a 10-minute presentation on learning styles.


Vintage Hair & Makeup

6 final makeup & hair looks – 3 vintage then 3 modernised versions made into fashion/editorial style (practical) presented in a sketchbook showing research, hair methodology and design process with face & hair charts, etc… and an online style file.

To try and condense this post slightly I will just show one of the 6 looks I created, this modernised eighties look was the one I was happiest with in this unit!

Iconic Reinvention

3 final fashion makeup & hair looks based on art movements. I chose to do Baroque, Abstract Expressionism & Painterly.

I also created the painterly look a second time in an Instagram VS Industry look I did, showing how you can create such different looks with the exact same products.



Freelance Strategies

4,000-word reflective journal on health & safety and networking.


– A Few Other Pieces Created This Year –



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