Today I have a small clothing haul to share with you as well as an insight into my experience with this brand. I will also have another one of these coming soon with a brand I have never tried before!


Brand – A few years back I ordered a couple of basic pieces from PrettyLittleThing, and found the products to be of such poor quality; so I never used them again. I decided to give them another shot recently as I was chatting with some friends who are constantly ordering from them and they said they had definitely improved over time. However, I sadly didn’t have the greatest experience with them the second time around either. This time the products I so far cannot fault, but the customer service was so bad, not receiving confirmation of my order and being ignored by the customer service team. Overall, I think they have definitely stepped up the quality of their products. I wouldn’t rush to place an order with them again but if I found some pieces I loved I would be likely to get them in the future. 


Onto the pieces I purchased, I first of all just picked up a basic black jersey skirt that I am just going to wear for work as we wear all black so it is just very simple and easy to throw on, and this was just £5! Which is so inexpensive for a skirt, so far it seems of good standard high street sort of quality so for the price it’s a win.

I finally decided to jump on the embroidery bandwagon – very late to the party I have to admit and picked up a black curved hem skirt with a rose embroidered on one side. These can be found at most high street clothing stores at the minute, they have been very popular this spring/summer.  This piece was £12, which again I feel is much lower than a lot of the high street stores for a very similar piece. The third piece I purchased is a red long sleeved bardot bodysuit, £8, to be paired with the embroidered skirt I just mentioned, all though it has long sleeves it is still quite a thin material without feeling cheap or badly made, which means it shouldn’t be too hot in the summer months.


Finally, I picked up the black leggings with the PrettyLittleThing waistband, £15, as I see these all over Instagram and loved them but never bought any. They are nice thick material seemingly much better quality than the leggings I bought from them a few years back!

They were all the pieces I purchased, I kept it to a minimum just to sort of test the waters slightly in case they hadn’t improved on last time, however, I was pleasantly surprised this time around as far as the clothing pieces are concerned!

I hope you enjoyed this post! See you again soon with another! B x


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