I thought I’d throw an extra post into the mix and it’s just going to be a short one!

As a student makeup artist, one of my most time-consuming chores has to be cleaning my brushes and sponges, although I don’t use sponges on models/clients I do use them on myself. I find them so hard work to get clean! So I have decided to give the latest beauty hack a try to see if it really works!

It is a very simple method of cleaning your sponges and if it works it’ll speed your cleaning process up so much!


First of all, I filled a microwaveable jug with tap water then microwaved it on full power for 1 minute. I then added in some antibacterial soap and stirred it round to distribute it around the water, then added my sponges before microwaving them for a further 2 minutes.

Then I simply rinsed them under the tap to get any soap out, and they were clean again! This is such a quick and easy method to clean them and due to the temperature, it’ll also kill any bacteria which is another positive of this method.


As you can see the sponges are so much cleaner, and I found the process so much easier than I did my old method so I’ll definitely switch to this from now on! This hack definitely works very well, I’d highly recommend it.

Thanks for reading! B x





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