As it’s coming into the summer months the glowy and dewy makeup looks will be very on trend, so I’ve decided to share my top 5 highlighters! Highlighting is probably one of my favourite steps of my makeup routine, so I have built up a bit of a collection. I currently have 32, one of which is a quad so 35 shades in total, so I have tried and tested quite a few and definitely know which shades and formulas I love!

Illamasqua Beyond Powder – OMG – £34


7g / 0.24 OZ

Until September I had not used Illamasqua before, but part of my courses kit came from them and I have loved exploring their products! I find that they focus on releasing fewer products of a higher quality and discontinue less in comparison to other brands that constantly release and discontinue products. This particular product I use almost every day, it is a baked highlighting powder that can be used wet or dry, the shade OMG is a champagne shade, they do also have another Beyond Powder in the shade Epic (£34) which is a much darker bronze shade as well as a new shade called Deity which is limited edition and part of the May Queen Collection,£34 (shown below).


The pigmentation of this powder is such good quality and it’s so finely milled it lasts ages! I’ve been using it for about seven or eight months and there is barely a dent in the pan. Packaging wise I also love this, it’s compact enough, has a mirror and is black plastic so is easily wipeable but is still durable. This is my trusty travel highlight because I know it won’t smash on me.

Zoeva Rose Golden Blush Palette – Glowing Still – £13


3.5g / 0.12 OZ

Although this is a blush palette, shade wise it pretty much has a blush, bronzer, and highlight. I love the highlight shade in this palette on “no makeup days” as it’s not a chunky formula so it’s a very natural glow that’s more of a glossy sort of finish, especially for a powder product.

It is quite a sheer product but I find it perfect to create a natural glossy look as it really blends into the skin rather than sitting on top like some of the more intense highlighters tend to do.

Models Own Sculpt & Glow – 02 Peach Pearl – £8.99


This highlighter is a recent find for me, however, it is fast becoming one of my favourite highlight shades for daily wear. It is also very affordable in comparison to a lot of my other highlighters, whilst still providing good pigmentation and long wearing on the skin!

Colourpop Super Shock Highlighter – Lunch Money – $8.00 


4.2 g / 0.15 oz

If you are willing to have customs charges and order from the US, then this highlighter is a great option! I love the Super Shock formula as it’s a similar texture to a cream to powder formula. It allows you to really blend it in for a seamless finish but still settles down and feels like a powder product.

The Balm Mary-Lou Manizer Highlighter – £16 – £20 


8.5g / 0.29 oz

The Mary-Lou Manizer is a drugstore classic at the minute, pretty much everyone has this highlighter and it took me so long to jump on the bandwagon because I just didn’t understand the hype around it. However, saying that I now use it pretty much daily and love it; I do tend to layer my highlighters even on a day to day basis using two to three products, which is why I use a lot of these five almost daily.

Formula wise it definitely isn’t as finely milled as the Illamasqua ones but that is reflected in the price, it’s also not a chunky highlight it’s just not as fine as others which can be expected from a drugstore product.

As there are no liquid/gel highlighters in my top five as I just don’t really use them, I thought I’d just add my favourite liquid highlight in, which is the:

L’Oreal True Match in the shade Icy Glow, £8.99 


This is the only other highlighter I actually use that isn’t in a powder form, I really like how it blends into the skin, and the pigmentation is very strong, I use it less purely due to the shade, I prefer a whiter toned highlight because of my skin tone and this is very pink.

They are my top 5 highlighters, from my personal collection! Thanks for reading!

See you soon! B x


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