Today I’m sharing how I edit my Instagram photos to get them all to fit my theme. I try to keep all my photos to a very neutral theme with pops of colour in there too so it’s not dull to look at. Each photo also has a border on to give a more put together look to my feed.

Screen Shot 2017-05-04 at 20.05.07.png


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To take my Instagram photos I usually just use my Iphone 6 on the square mode, then I know exactly what will be visible in the Instsgram post rather than cropping it later. Occasionally I will use my Canon EOS 600D, but not often as I prefer to take them in the square and I find that the iPhone 6’s quality isn’t massively worse so it’s just less time consuming to use that.

I also use two pieces of wood flooring as a background for my flat lay images which helps to keep my theme together and keep a repeat background throughout my posts. As for other photos I try to get a white background as much as I can or I stick to greys and quite bright lighting to keep the intense exposure within my theme.

Screen Shot 2017-04-21 at 11.02.21


My main aim of editing is to add brightness and sharpness to the images, to make colours pop I take colour away from the background which emphasises the colour of my subject more as well as keeps my bright background aim for my theme.

I don’t like to over edit shots, especially product shots as I like to keep them looking true to the shade/tone they are in real life.

The first app I use to edit is FaceTune, in this app I use the whitening tool on the whole image just so I know I’ve not missed any areas, then I’ll go in and erase the parts I want to leave such as skin, products, pops of colour, etc… Then if necessary I take the Details tool and go over any spots I want to sharpen which isn’t often a lot, I tend to use it on things like mascara wands or details on clothing just to bring them forward and make sure they are visible in the photo.


I then save that image and move onto Instasize, where I very occasionally add the Oak Filter and reduce it down to below 50% so that it doesn’t overly affect the colouring, then go in and add the white border to 10.

That is everything I do to edit the photos themselves but I also use an app called UNUM which holds your photos and you can re-arrange your unposted photos to plan your theme out to see which order suits best. I also use this as a way to keep all my edited photos that are ready to post all in one place as you can post them directly onto Intsagram through the app.


That is all I ever do to my Instagram posts to keep my photos looking as put together as I can!

See you soon! B x


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