You may have seen this palette a lot on YouTube recently, it is the Lottie London Shimmer Squad! Which is a quad of highlighters, it is £9.95 and I bought mine in Superdrug. Today I’m going to be testing the palette out and letting you know what I think!


Starting with the packaging, it is a very cute design and it does have a small mirror inside which is always useful in a palette! It also has a little diagram of where to apply the highlight on the back, which is useful for beginners to makeup. It is cardboard packaging, which is understandable for the price, it does still feel sturdy enough and it is magnetised and it does stay shut if you are thinking of traveling with it. Again for travel, it is a compact enough size without it being too small, you do still get a lot of product for your money as the pans are a very decent size. (16.8g/0.59oz).

Formula wise they are much better than I expected, all four shades are powder highlights. They aren’t the softest formula from swatching them from the pan but they feel much softer when swatching them onto my arm. I wouldn’t say they felt chalky, they just aren’t as soft as some higher end products which is 100% expected and understandable as you have four shades for under £10.

As for the shades, the palette does include a good range and can easily cater a wide range of skin tones, I have fair skin and I easily use three of the four shades and I’d happily use the darkest shade as an eyeshadow. You can also mix them to get a more tailored shade. The four shades are The Good Girl, The Flirt, The Troublemaker and The Queen Bee.


I would usually use the Illamasqua Radiance Veil as my primer for the areas I would highlight as I do like an intense cheekbone highlight; however as this is a highlighting product I just used the L’Oreal Infallible Mattifying Base Primer all over my face and skipped the veil. I then used my L’Oreal Infallible 24H Foundation in 015; which I use when I don’t want the intense coverage of the Illamasqua Skinbase Foundation. I then set that with the Maybelline Fit Me Powder in 120. I’m trying to keep the base products used as cult drugstore as I can then it is easily re-creatable. To contour, I’m using the Maybelline Master Sculpt in 02 Medium/Dark then bronzing with the BodyShop Honey Bronzer in 03. Then to highlight my cheekbones I am going to use the shade The Troublemaker, as it’s the lightest shade in the palette and my cheekbones are where I want my most intense pop! I’m applying them with the Morphe M510 brush. On the center of my face, I am going to go for a less intense shade so I am going to use The Queen Bee & The Good Girl with the same brush and just dip into each shade.

Then finally with the darkest shade, I am going to apply that across my lid then place Are You Kitten Me which is a warm matte brown through the crease from the Violet Voss Holy Grail Palette. A similar shade to this is Tiki Hut from Makeup Geek which is much easier to get hold of. For lips, I’m applying the Paul & Joe Lipstick in 099. This is the finished look!

Overall I am really pleased with the look and application of this product, they are much better than I was expecting them to be pigmentation and formula wise! I am going to look into a few more products to try out.

3 Hours Later –

A few hours have passed and the product has settled into the skin really well, my skin still looks like skin and it’s not lost any of its luminosity over time, it’s still just as intense and vibrant!

8 Hours Later –

It has now been pretty much a full works day of wearing the product, the product is still there, I would say it’s not as bright as it was before, but considering it’s been 8 hours without a setting spray I am very impressed with this product; I also wouldn’t be surprised if it started creeping into my daily makeup routine especially the two shades The Good Girl and The Trouble Maker!

Overall I would rate this palette a 9/10, as it lasts well, it is highly pigmented, a nice compact palette with a decent shade range! The one criticism I do have is that the formula could be slightly improved and made a bit creamier, but it is definitely worth buying into the hype and I am looking forwards to using it more!

 See you soon with another post! B x



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