Recently I have been buying a few products from Illamasqua, they have been having a big sale on as back in September we had an Illamasqua kit list for our degree so they are a brand I have been looking into a lot more and the products are really good quality. First of all, I ordered some bits online, then I have also been to a masterclass and bought a few bits whilst I was there!

I’ll start off with online as I bought that first, starting off with the two repurchases one of which is my new favourite foundation the Skinbase in shade 06, as well as the Loose Powder in 010. I love the powder as it is so finely milled and light on the skin. Both of these create a very matte base, which I personally love. These two products weren’t in the sale but I do get 20% off as I’m a makeup student so the foundation was £26 and the powder was £19.60

Another base product I purchased is the Radiance Veil, which I wanted to get for my kit as I thought it could look nice either mixed into the foundation or on a very natural look to create a nice thin dewy base, especially when adding faux freckles or letting natural freckles shine through the base! I also got a free sample of the Hydra Veil in my order which I haven’t tried yet but soon will. I bought this for £16 in the sale! (was £32)


I then bought a few eye products, the Demise palette which has four shades, a slightly off-white shade which has a yellow reflex to it, a burgundy pink shade which is totally matte, this feels like a slightly drier formula than the white shadow. It also has a dark grey in the palette that looks almost black but has a very navy undertone. Then finally the fourth shade is a cream shadow which is an orange/pink shade which is very soft, isn’t gritty at all and is very easy to apply. This was £10.20 in the sale down from £34!


I also grabbed two of the single shadows in the shades Servant and Vapour. These are both orange-toned shades, Servant is a lighter shade that I’d use more as a base shade across the lid. Whereas Vapour is a similar shade to Makeup Geeks Chickadee.  Both shadows were £4.95 each down from £16.50.


Finally, for my online order, I bought two lip products, the Lip Slick Stick in the shade True and the lipstick in the shade Fable.  The lip liner was £5.55 down from £18.50 and the lipstick was £7.80 down from £19.50!


Onto the masterclass, I attended which I have a post about coming up soon! I bought a few more bits just to add to my kit. I’m pretty sure all of these products were in the sale, my receipt is blurred as it didn’t print well but the total of all these products was £21/£22 this was with £10 as you got your deposit of the Masterclass back as a voucher. This is a really good price because the Fatale Palette alone would usually be £34!

As I mentioned I bought another eyeshadow palette, this one is the Fatale Palette which has four powder shades a gold a red toned pink a bright purple and a grey toned brown. This was £10.20, I remember the price of this one!

Then I also bought a blue eyeshadow as I’m lacking a matte blue in my kit this is the shadow called imagine. Which I can’t wait to use! I’m guessing this was £4.95 as the two I ordered online were.


I also grabbed a concealer in the sale as it is the perfect shade for highlighting my brows, it is in the shade CC115. I have used this and it’s a really high coverage concealer that buffs out so well and really makes the brow pop!


Then I bought the Corrupter which is a sort of gel that is used to “corrupt” your makeup so you can apply it on top of an eyeshadow look to mess it up and blur it. I feel like this is definitely more of an industry style product, but it’s a great addition to my kit!


Finally, I bought one of the intense lipglosses in the shade Boost! I really want to create a really glossy holographic type lip with this product at some point soon.

Thank you for reading! See you soon, B x





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