Happy New Year to you all! I thought a nice way to end the year would be share my year in photos because I do take a crazy amount 🙂 Good luck to you all for the next year xx

In 2016 I started uni, and made a great new friend ( hey Mol 😉 ) haha We have some good plans for this year that I am planning to share on here 😀


Still on the uni topic, I feel like I’ve improved my makeup skills a lot this year. Working on more fashion & editorial based units which I prefer than last years sfx ones as it’s the industry I’m aiming to get into. (Left is my Beginnings Assesment – here –  and top right is my Character Assessment – here – )


This year I also went to Edinburgh with my best friend, we are planning to go somewhere else this year and I also want to travel more this year! 🙂 I do have an Edinburgh post up      – here –


Then heres just a jumble of work and the rest of 2016 to look back on!


Happy New Year! See you soon xx


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