Back in late October, I went to Edinburgh with my best friend, I never blogged about it as I thought people wouldn’t really be too interested but I started this blog to have memories of what I’ve done so I thought I might as well do a post on my Edinburgh trip to look back on! So this will be a sort of “travel diary” type post.

So we set off on Wednesday 26th October, my friend stayed at my house the previous night, so we both got on at the same station to just save hassle/stress and just chill before we went. Our train left at 9:13 on the Wednesday morning then we got on the wrong Edinburgh train at our changing station as we should have had a 40 min wait but ran for a delayed train. We made it at 12:30 ish and attempted to find the hotel – which we didn’t manage to do, we were stood opposite it didn’t see it walked around for a solid 40 mins then got a taxi literally to where we were stood…

This started day one, we checked in then just went for a wander around to see where we were, etc… and did a bit of shopping on Princes St as we were staying on the Royal Mile, we then had Byron’s for dinner as I had pre-booked it before we even set of just so we knew we had somewhere booked and sorted for the first night.


Day Two – We basically just set off and ended up wherever we ended up, and again we did some more shopping on Princes St. We ended up at the castle and walking around the town and later on spent a good hour walking around in aim of a Tesco’s as all there was were Sainsbury’s Locals as the Tesco just got further and further away on maps so we gave up. Later on, we went for dinner at a place called Mums I think, and it was a retro sort of place with comics and set out like an American diner.


To round off the trip day 3 we decided to go to Edinburgh Dungeons, and again have a wander and explore around the city, we had lunch in a pub towards the far end of Princes St opposite end to the Royal Mile. Before collecting our bags and catching the train home around 4 pm. The Dungeons were very good, well acted and I’d probably go back. The pair of us are wanting to go back to Edinburgh at some point as I feel like we’d just started getting used to it and where things were and then we were leaving again. I’d also like to explore further out than the main few streets as we didn’t really do so.

Thanks for reading! See you tomorrow X B!


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