Yesterday we had a guest speaker from Illamasqua come into college/uni and delivered a talk and demo. All years of the makeup students were invited so it was a mix of Level 3 and degree students. For the demo she did a look based on the new  Extinct collection which is inspired by extinct bugs/insects in Britain/UK as Illamasqua is a British brand founded in Leeds now based in London. It is the first collection released since Alex Box’s departure, they now work as an art team which our guest speaker today is part of. This was one half of Helens set up.


The team started off with loads of bugs and then came up with a concept but then they decided to strip it back to the basics rather than over complicate things and looked at the shapes within the bugs and then developed from there. For example the liner on this makeup look is a shape found on a moths wing.

I can’t remember all the products that were used but I do know Helen mixed two of the skinbase foundations together in the shades 02 and 06 and lightly buffed it into the models skin. I also remember she used the loose pigment in static on the cheekbones, which is an amazing pigment! She also used the OMG beyond powder which is actually called OMG because when they were originally swatching the shade everyone was saying oh my god because its so pigmented.

This is the final look that was created –


I really like the incorporation of the new collections look and it has helped me to be more adventurous with my next few assessments as I felt I was starting to play it safe a lot of the time. It’s sort of sparked my imagination up and upped my motivation for my workload before xmas!

See you soon! B x


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