So as some of you may know I am studying a fashion and editorial makeup degree and today professional makeup artist, Nat Van Zee came to our college to do a talk and a demo! For those of you that do not know, she is a makeup artist who has worked with a lot of well known people such as Cara & Poppy Delevingne, London, New York and Paris Fashion Weeks, etc….


Screen Shot 2016-09-23 at 17.18.04.png

One thing that stands out about her is that she uses vegan and organic products in her kit which a lot of top makeup artists don’t, she started making this change in 2012. In her talk she was explaining how most products contain toxic chemicals and the average womans skin takes in around 2.3KG of those each year which made me think about the products I use, especially in my kit. Although these toxic chemicals are deemed unharmful in the small quantities per product, they are in most products we used so the amounts we are layering becomes damaging. It can vary from minor damage to ageing or more severe issues such as cancer. From my point of view as a future makeup artist (hopefully) it was interesting to hear and learn more about and also to see her kit alternatives even if I don’t fully transition my products some of the changes are easy to make so I am going to look into it.


This was the final look –

It is very on trend with the combed up brows, high gloss lips, and minimal base. Also including bright colours which again is on trend currently!

That is everything for todays post! I hope you enjoyed an insight into my course 😀

See you next week! Beth x

Nat Van Zee – Website – www.natvanzee.com






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