I have recently had my final practical assessment for my current course! So I thought I would share a little bit of what I do at college, what I created and some of the products I used! As you can see from the title I created a deer inspired beauty makeup look, incorporating prosthetic ears as prosthetic pieces were part of the brief.img_6361

Creating The Prosthetics –

To create the ears I used alginate to cast the ear itself then filled the cast with Alpha Plaster, once that had set I removed the alginate from around the plaster positive. One I had cleaned and smoothed my cast I rubbed a very thin layer of vaseline all over the plaster positive then started moulding using chavant clay.

Once I was happy with how the ears looked for my character I started to add layers of liquid latex letting it fully dry each time doing about 8-10 layers in total. Then to remove them from the mould I started puling the edge off and adding talc to the whole thing adding more each time more lifted from the sculpt. This is because latex sticks to latex so it would stick together if you did not add the talc to create a barrier.

Now you can either pre-colour them using the PAX method which is a mix of 1/2 latex 1/2 acrylic. However I just airbrushed them whilst I was applying the pieces as I find it easier to blend them into the models skin that way.

Products Used In Application –

♡ Rimmel Good To Glow Highlighter

♡ Makeup Forever HD Foundation

♡ LA Girl Pro Conceal

♡ Maybelline AgeRewind Concealer

♡ Ben Nye Fair Powder

♡ Airbrush & Mistair Silicone Colours

♡ Stila Sun Bronzer

♡ Maybelline Master Sculpt

♡ Nars Gilda Blush

♡ Snazaroo Black Face Paint

♡ Makeup Geek Chickadee

♡ Makeup Geek Wild West

♡ Gold Glitter

♡ Lashes – forgotten the brand

♡ Makeup Geek Bedrock (through the brows)

♡ Maqpro Lip Palette

♡ Rimmel Wonder’full Mascara


That is everything I used in my prosthetics final application! I will see you on Friday! Beth x



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