Spring Favourites 17′

Hello! There’s nothing I love more than favourite posts or videos, however, I know that if they are done each month they can be quite repetitive and can get boring. I’ve decided to have seasonal favourites so now we are heading into summer, I’m sharing my favourites spring 17′! BEAUTY My first favourite is a […]

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Beauty Sponges Cleaning Hack?!

Hi! I thought I’d throw an extra post into the mix and it’s just going to be a short one! As a student makeup artist, one of my most time-consuming chores has to be cleaning my brushes and sponges, although I don’t use sponges on models/clients I do use them on myself. I find them […]

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Glossybox Opening – June 17′

Hey! Today I received my first Glossybox, recently I have been loving trying new products and especially discovering new brands so I have subscribed to a couple of beauty subscription boxes.  Junes box included an extra sixth product and a preview of Louise Pentlands book,  Wilde Like Me launching 29th June. This box included 3 […]

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My Top 5 Highlighters!

Hello! As it’s coming into the summer months the glowy and dewy makeup looks will be very on trend, so I’ve decided to share my top 5 highlighters! Highlighting is probably one of my favourite steps of my makeup routine, so I have built up a bit of a collection. I currently have 32, one […]

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Summer Clothing Inspo | 17

Hello As I am going shopping soonI thought it was definitely time to have a look at all the new in sections on my favourite online clothing websites and try piece together a summer wardrobe for this year! All products are linked at the bottom of the post! Jeans Bottoms Tops Dresses Accessories Thank you for reading! […]

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Wig Lace Piece – Final Makeup!

Hello! This week at uni I finally did my application of my wig lace piece we had to create as a mini brief! The unit is about linking modern fashion/editorial makeup to art movements so I decided on a piece inspired by the Pop Surrealism/Low Brow movement, also incorporating a modern festival theme to the […]

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Beauty On Camera – Bridal

Hello! So as you may know I lost a lot of blog posts recently, the update post is – here – if you missed it! The posts about my uni work from semester one were part of those lost so I wanted to get them back up! They sadly won’t be as in-depth as the […]

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Hello! Today I lost a lot of images from my account, which has meant posts have been left without images in them at all. Which has also meant that I have had to go through and delete all the posts I no longer have the images for. Thank You! B x

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